Getting started

FilingBox offers three partner programs:

  1. The Enterprise solution partner program focuses on the on-premise license market. 

    • In the era of the cloud, major large enterprises and government agencies still have to store their data in internal networks. 

    • Also, they prefer to integrate optimal solutions, such as FlingBox, with their existing account directory and legacy systems. If you become a partner, you will receive technical education so you can easily generate extra revenue from system integration services, on top of FilingBox license revenue. 

    • As an Enterprise solution partner, you can provide the installation, integration, and maintenance manpower service to the end customer.

  2. The MINI retail partner program focuses on the secure storage device market. 

    • Professionals and small teams have an urgent need to protect their data from malicious cyber attacks without having a system engineer. 

    • By becoming a MINI retail partner, you can offer MINI devices to end users like NAS (Network Attached Storage) device without having in-depth system knowledge.

  3. The Cloud service partner program focuses on the secure storage cloud market. 

    • Fast-growing companies want to manage all their data on the cloud. 

    • They’re looking for more secure and convenient data storage rather than using existing vulnerable storage.

    • By becoming a Cloud partner you can provide FilingBox Cloud services with your MSP service to the end customer.

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