How to delete folders

Since all access to the files stored in the FilingBox MINI Armor is blocked by default, even folders are unable to be created, changed, moved, deleted, or copied unless explorer.exe in Windows is allowed.

Allowing explorer.exe in Windows may be vulnerable to some cyber attacks so it is not recommended to allow it.

Therefore, there is a feature that can manages folders in FilingBox MINI Armor.

  1. Connect to your FilingBox MINI Armor.
  2. Select the Folders tab.
  3. On the Administrator verification screen, enter the administrator's password and 6-digit OTP code generated by the authenticator application, then select Verify.
  4. On the Folders screen, browse for the folders which you want to delete, then select the check boxes, and select Delete.
  5. Confirm the folder name to be deleted, then select Delete.
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