How to add allowed applications

All access to the files in the FilingBox MEGA 2 is blocked by default.

Only allowed applications are allowed to access to prevent them from being leaked, encrypted, read, deleted, or changed, by cyber attacks such as ransomware attacks, phishing attacks, etc.

  1. Connect to your FilingBox MEGA 2.
  2. Under the Allowed apps tab, select Add allowed app.
  3. On the Allowed app information screen, click Select allowed
  4. On the Select the apps you want to allow access to FilingBox MINI Armor screen, select an application in the running application list. You can find a specific application currently running using Find by name function. You can also browse for an application, and then choose its executable file (e.g. app-name.exe) by clicking Direct selection of App file by user.
  5. After choosing an application, click Access path setting in order to choose a folder the allowed application needs to access on the Allowed app information screen.
  6. Choose a folder created in your FilingBox MINI Armor the allowed application needs to access. The subfolders of the chosen folder are accessible. (The drive letter of your FilingBox MINI Armor can be chosen to access all subfolders.)
  7. Select a permission, ReadOnly or ReadWrite, then select the Next.
  8. On the Administrator verifiction screen, enter the administrator's password and 6-digit OTP code generated by the authenticator application, then select Verify.
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