Storage Protection with ITU-T X.1220 Technology

FilingBox MEGA2 uses the advanced ITU-T X.1220 technology to protect your stored data. This powerful feature ensures that only authorized applications can access your files, making your data both safe and private.

Additionally, FilingBox MEGA2 has achieved Common Criteria (CC) certification, meeting high international security standards. This certification confirms that FilingBox MEGA2 is both reliable and strong in protecting your data.

Access to file data stored in FilingBox MEGA2

    • Secure Data: By default, all data is presented as fake data. This means that without proper authorization, the data visible is not real, enhancing security.
    • Controlled Access: Only specific, allowed applications can access files, and each one has clearly defined permissions.

Permissions for allowed applications

    • Read-Only: Some folders can only be viewed and not changed or added to.
    • Add-Only: Other folders allow you to add files but not read or change existing ones.
    • Read/Write: In certain folders, you can view and change files.
    • Read/Write/Version: The most flexible setting lets you view, change, and also keep versions of files, which helps in tracking changes over time.

Important Note

Application Dependencies: Make sure to install all related sub-applications to avoid any disruptions or limitations in how the main application functions.

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