Folder/File Version comparison

FilingBox MEGA is composed of two types of network file servers. Following your requirements, you can choose the right product.

FilingBox MEGA Folder Version(Standard)

In case you want to protect your data as a folder level, you can use the FilingBox MEGA Folder Version. It gives you freedom when you want to change a folder as a WORM folder. It is very useful when you manage and arrange your server data using a batch script based on policies.

Best use case

Storing live multimedia files

FilingBox MEGA File Version(WORM: Write Once Read Many)

If you want to protect your data right after a server application creates a new file on the network drive, you can use the FilingBox MEGA File Version. Whenever the file closing event comes into the FilingBox network drive, it changes that file as a read-only file.

Best use case

Backup database dump files

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