FilingBox MINI features

Military-Grade-Encryption Storage

  • FilingBox MINI supports Military-Grade Encryption mode including AES 256 & AES 512.
  • When a file is created on network drives, it stores data under encryption.
  • When it needs to provide a file to the PC, it decrypts data in real time and sends data over SSL.

Ransomware-Proof Storage

  • FilingBox MINI supports Create-Read-Only mode to protect your documents from ransomware.
  • Once enabled, It only allows an applications to create and read data, except modifying and deleting.
  • Similarly to how files are created on a CD-ROM, files can not be edited on FilingBox.

Phishing-Proof Storage

  • FilingBox MINI also provides Create-List-Only mode to protect your data from phishing attacks.
  • It only provides fake files to any applications unless opening a file with a designated program.

Encrypted Backup

  • FilingBox MINI provides an encrypted backup function.
  • If you make a back-up of FilingBox MINI on any external USB drive, all your backup data is still completely encrypted.

1 Terabyte Network Storage

  • FilingBox MINI provides 1 Terabyte data storage.
  • It works like a NAS (Network Attached Storage) that has Hybrid WORM Disk Technology installed.

10 Personal Folders & 1 Shared Folder

  • FilingBox MINI provides 10 personal folders and 1 shared folder.
  • 10 users maximum can use FilingBox MINI to store files on a personal or shared folder.

Auto Finding & Simple Configuration

  • FilingBox MINI provides an auto finding and simple configuration function.
  • It does not require IT knowledge to setup. MINI will be detected automatically after installing the MINI client application.

PC & Mac

  • FilingBox MINI provides a Windows OS and Mac OS client.
  • You can easily store and share data on MINI, regardless of your operating system.
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