Folder types

Folder types

There are four types of folders assigned to every user, which are Personal, Team, Project, and Shared.

  • Personal
    You have one Personal folder. It is always added to Direct Access.
  • Team
    You have one primary Team folder based on your team. More than one Team folder can be assigned to you. The primary Team folder is always added to Direct Access.
  • Project
    The users with the Department head role can create Project folders for a specific project or task. Only the owner of the folder can give other users access.
  • Shared
    The users with the Department head role can share subfolders of their primary Team folders with the other users from different teams.


You need to add folders to Direct Access to access them.

Folder list

You can view the list of all folders you can access on the Folders tab in the FilingBox desktop client.

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