FilingBox Enterprise features

Ransomware-Proof Storage

  • FilingBox supports Create-Read-Only file system to protect your documents from ransomware.
  • It only allows an applications to create and read data, except modifying and deleting.
  • Similarly to how files are created on a CD-ROM, files can not be edited on FilingBox.

Hybrid WORM Disk

  • FilingBox always allows any application to create a new file. But after creation, it provides a file with a read-only attribute to any application accessing a file like WORM(Write Once Read Many) disk.
  • In case of a user wants to edit it, a user can open a file with a read-write attribute by clicking the right button on a mouse in Windows Explorer. A user can edit or delete it, but application or malware can’t.

Automatic Backup Storage

  • FilingBox protects your data on your network drive and also on your desktop.
  • If you save a file on your desktop it will be automatically transferred to FilingBox using the auto-backup feature.

Team & Personal Folder Access Management

  • FilingBox provides a personal folder and team folder. You can store your files in the personal folder or team folder.

  • The Team folder is created following the organizational chart of your company and is designed for document sharing within the team.

  • In case you need to share the folder with other users in the another team, you can make a shared folder for them.

Taxonomy Folder

  • Once the Taxonomy folder policy is enabled, you can not make or move a folder, in the first or second depth, in the team folder.

  • Only users that have manager privilege can create, move and delete folders.

  • It prevents the taxonomy structure of folders getting to messy like a conventional file server.

Lock-In/Out & Version Control

  • FilingBox works as a network drive but supports Lock-In, Lock-Out and version control.

  • Whenever you open a file with edit mode, the file is opened with a read-write file attribute, after making a new version of the file.

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