Adding an Allowed Application

To register an allowed application in the client, follow these steps:

Execute the following commands

cd /namusoft/megaclient
./fbmegas -alwapp -add -p app_path -d access_path -o permission


Path and filename of the executable for the app to allow access (e.g., /usr/bin/rsync)


When you set up access paths for applications in a system, these paths should start from the root of the directory where your device is mounted. This means that the mounted directory acts like the starting point for any paths you define.

For instance, if your mounted directory is /my/mount and the directory you want the application to access is /my/mount/dir, then you should specify the access path as /dir.


Enter one of the following permissions (rw, ao, or r) for the access_path:

  • rw: Read/Write
  • ao: Add-Only
  • r: Read-Only

Enter the device administrator's password

Enter the device administrator's password currently logged in for authentication when prompted. The input will not be displayed on the screen due to security reason.

password :
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