Package Installation

Downloading (Copying) the Installation Package

Access the Installation System: Connect to the system where the FilingBox MEGA2 Linux Client will be installed.

Note: Installation must be performed using the 'root' account.

Download and copy the package to a directory

Extracting the FilingBox MEGA2 v2 Linux Client Installation Package

  1. Navigate to the Directory Where the Package is Stored: Move to the directory containing the installation package.
    cd /your/directory
  2. Unpack the Installation Package
    tar -zxvf "FilingBox MEGA2_v2_Linux_Client_v2.2.0.tgz"

Running the Installation Script

Execute the following command to start the installation of the FilingBox MEGA2 v2 Linux Client program.


The following steps will be processed automatically.

Checking the login account

The installation must be carried out using the 'root' account. If not logged in as 'root', the installation process will be stopped.

[User Check : root account]

Creating directories

Create directories to store the files from the installation package. The directories created will include:

  • /namusoft/megaclient: Stores executable files and encryption library files.
  • /namusoft/megaclient/push: Stores the pushc file.
  • /namusoft/megaclient/integrity: Stores the integrity file.
  • /namusoft/megaclient/package: Stores files containing version information.

Copying files

Copy files from the installation package to the created directories.

[File Copy]

Installation completion

Once the FilingBox MEGA2 v2 Linux Client installation is successfully completed, the following message will be displayed.

FilingBox MEGA2 v2 Linux Client Installation complete...

FilingBox MEGA2 v2 Linux Client has been successfully installed...
Installation complete..

Upon completion, folders and files are created as follows:

  ├── - Encryption module
  ├── - Encryption module
  └── fbmegas - Main client executable file

└── pushc - Executable file that receives manual integrity check commands /namusoft/megaclient/integrity
└── integrity - Executable file that performs integrity checks /namusoft/megaclient/package
└── (Contents of the package directory if any)
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