Assigning Device Administrators to a Device

Navigation path
Admin Console > Devices > Device name > [Tab] Device Admins

To log in to and manage a specific device, the account must be assigned to that device. The process to assign a login account with a device in the administrator console site is as follows:

  1. Select the Device.
  2. Select the 'Device Admins' Tab.
  3. Select the 'Manage Device Admins' Button.
  4. Enter characters in the Input Field: This filters the list of device administrator account names.
  5. Display of Device Administrator Accounts: The list of accounts currently registered on the FilingBox MEGA2 server will appear in list format.
    • Input format: No restriction.
    • Input length: 0 to 20 characters.
    • Default value: None.
  6. Add an Administrator: From the displayed list, select the 'Add' button next to the administrator name you want to assign to the device. Then click outside the list to finalize the selection.
  7. Select the 'Save' button.
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