Viewing Allowed Applications

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Admin Console > Devices > Device name > [Tab] Allowed applications

Each device can have a list of applications that are permitted access to the FilingBox MEGA2 v2 Server. To view the list of allowed applications for a specific device, navigate to the 'Devices' page, click on the device name, and then select the 'Allowed Apps' tab. This will display the list of applications currently registered by the client on that device.

Note: Adding or deleting allowed apps can only be performed by the device administrator from the client.

Information Displayed for Allowed Apps:

  • Application Name: Displays the name of the application as entered by the administrator when registering the app within the client. The executable file name is shown along with the path information.

    Caution: Only the applications listed here can access the FilingBox MEGA2 server. If a particular application cannot access the server, check first if it is registered as an allowed app.
  • Application Hash: Displays the hash value of the application, which is automatically calculated and displayed internally.
  • Access Folder: Shows the name of the access folder entered by the administrator when registering the app within the client.

    Caution: Applications registered as allowed apps can only access the directories specified as access folders. If an allowed app cannot access the FilingBox MEGA2 server, first check if the path it is attempting to access matches the registered 'Access Folder' value.
  • Access Permissions: Displays the permissions that the allowed application has when accessing files in the designated 'Access Folder'.
    • Read/Write: The application can read and write files.
    • Read-Only: The application can only read files.
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