Viewing the Event List

Viewing the Event List

Clicking on the 'Audit Log' menu item on the left will display the list of events currently stored in the FilingBox MEGA2 v2 Server on the right.

Events can be viewed for a specific period, which by default is set from one month prior to today's date based on today’s date.

Input Format: YYYY-MM-DD to YYYY-MM-DD

For optimal search performance, the search period is automatically adjusted to a maximum of one month from the set date.

Example 1) If the start date is set to '2023-08-01', the end date will automatically change to '2023-09-01'.
Example 2) If the end date is set to '2023-07-01', the start date will automatically change to '2023-06-01'.

Details of the events listed are as follows:

  • Type: The type of event
    • info: Informational event
    • fault: Fault event
  • Code: A unique identifier distinguishing the event
  • Event Name: The name of the event
  • Event Description: A detailed description of the event
  • Date: The date on which the event occurred

To sort the listed events based on specific criteria, click the (△, ▽) icons next to each title. The events will be sorted based on the clicked title. Events can be sorted by multiple titles, in the reverse order of selection.

Sorting Methods and Criteria:

Sorting Methods

Clicking the ‘△,▽’ icon next to each title changes it to ‘▲,▼’, and the list is sorted accordingly.

Multiple titles can be used for sorting, and sorting operations proceed in the reverse order of selection.

Example) If 'Type' is selected and then 'Date', sorting is first done by 'Date', and events with the same date are then sorted by 'Type'.

Sorting Criteria

  • Type: Alphabetically ascending/descending
  • Code: Numerically ascending/descending
  • Event Name: Alphabetically ascending/descending
  • Date: Chronologically ascending/descending
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