Mac (macOS with Docker Desktop)

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  • Internet connection
  • Mac connected to the same private network as your SMB clients such as Windows File Explorer, iOS Files app, etc.
    • In order for the SMB clients to access your FilingBox Home running on your Mac.
    • [Note] Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to block external connections on port 445, commonly associated with the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol, to enhance network security.

Install and run Docker Desktop on Mac (macOS)

Please follow the instruction from the official documentation on Docker Docs.

Run FilingBox Home container

Create network on Docker Engine

  1. Open the Terminal app on your Mac.
  2. Execute following command in the Terminal app
$ docker network create some-network

Start filingbox-home-single container

  1. Open the Terminal app on your Mac.
  2. Execute following command in the Terminal app
$ docker run -d --name filingbox-home \
--network some-network \
--device /dev/fuse \
--cap-add SYS_ADMIN \
--restart always \
-v storage:/var/opt/filingbox/home \
-v config:/etc/opt/filingbox/home \
-v logs:/var/log/filingbox/home \
-v samba-accounts:/etc \
-v samba-libraries:/var/lib/samba \
-v database:/var/lib/mysql \
-p 443:443 \
-p 445:445 \

How to check if your FilingBox Home is working

You can check if your FilingBox Home is working after running a container by the following command.

If you see the lines "Starting TLS Server at :443" and "Starting Server at :80", your FilingBox Home is ready to use.

$ docker logs -f filingbox-home

info fuse/fusebridge.go:265 fuse mounted, /var/opt/filingbox/home/fuse/
info restapi/restapi.go:122 Starting TLS Server at :443
info restapi/restapi.go:126 Starting Server at :80

Find FilingBox Home IP address

  1. Go to the network details on your Mac.
  2. On TCP/IP, you can find the IPv4 address of your Mac which is your FilingBox Home IP address.

Why can FilingBox Home NOT run on Windows using Docker Desktop?

FilingBox Home cannot operate on Windows using Docker Desktop due to the specific use of port 445 by the Windows System process.

This essential process manages system-level tasks and services, including the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol, which facilitates network file sharing and printer services.

Since port 445 is reserved and actively listened to by the System process, Docker containers are unable to publish or bind to this port, leading to a conflict that prevents FilingBox Home from running as intended in a Docker environment on Windows.

This limitation underscores the importance of understanding and managing system resource allocations, especially for applications requiring specific network ports to operate.

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