Software update and maintenance policy

Purpose and Scope:

  • This policy governs the release of software updates for "FilingBox Team," ensuring the delivery of new features, bug fixes, and security improvements to our users.

Update Categories:

  1. Feature Updates:

    • When new features are developed, they are integrated into "FilingBox Team" to enhance functionality and user experience. These updates are scheduled and communicated in advance.
  2. Bug Fixes:

    • Regular updates are released to address known bugs and issues. Our commitment to quality and user satisfaction drives the prompt resolution of these bugs.
  3. Security Updates:

    • In line with our vulnerability disclosure program, security updates are issued in response to identified vulnerabilities. These updates are treated with the highest priority to maintain the security and integrity of our system.

Update Frequency:

  • Updates are released on a regular basis. Feature updates and bug fixes follow a planned schedule, while security updates are issued as needed based on vulnerability assessments.

Notification and Availability:

  • Users are notified of available updates through the "FilingBox Team Update" interface, email alerts, and announcements on our website. Detailed release notes accompany each update, outlining the changes and improvements.

Manual Update Feature:

  • "FilingBox Team" incorporates a manual update feature, designed for straightforward and user-guided installation of updates. This approach empowers users to initiate and apply updates at their convenience, ensuring they stay in control of the update process.

User Responsibility:

  • Users are encouraged to install updates promptly to benefit from the latest features, bug fixes, and security enhancements. Keeping the software up to date is crucial for optimal performance and security.

Support for Older Versions:

  • While we encourage updating to the latest version, we provide limited support for older versions of "FilingBox Team." Users are urged to update to the latest version for full support and functionality.

Continuous Improvement:

  • Our update policy is subject to ongoing review and improvement to adapt to technological advancements and user feedback.
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