End of life notification policy

FilingBox Team End of Life Notification Policy

  1. Policy Overview:

    • This policy outlines the End of Life (EOL) process for "FilingBox Team." It is designed to provide users with clear and timely information regarding the discontinuation of support for this product.
  2. Notification Method:

    • Users will be informed about the EOL status of "FilingBox Team" through various channels including email alerts to registered users, announcements on our official website, and updates through our customer service channels.
  3. End of Life Date:

    • The official End of Life date for "FilingBox Team" is set for May 31, 2029. Beyond this date, no further security updates, patches, or customer support will be provided for this product.
  4. Duration of Security Update Support:

    • "FilingBox Team" will continue to receive security updates and support until the EOL date. The commitment period for these updates is defined as the time from the product's release until May 31, 2029.
  5. Minimum One-Year Notification:

    • In accordance with our policy, we are providing more than a 1-year advance notice of the EOL. This notice is intended to give our users ample time to prepare for the transition and consider alternatives or upgrades.
  6. Recommendations for Transition:

    • We advise users to begin planning for the transition from "FilingBox Team." Information on alternative products or upgrades will be made available on our website and through direct communication channels.
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