Vulnerability disclosure program

FilingBox Team Vulnerability Disclosure Program

Purpose and Scope:

  • The program focuses on identifying, managing, and rectifying vulnerabilities in "FilingBox Team" to ensure its security and reliability.

Vulnerability Reporting:

  • Vulnerabilities can be reported through our Help Center, where a dedicated section and ticketing system are in place for streamlined reporting and tracking.

Acknowledgement and Response:

  • Reports receive an automatic acknowledgement upon submission. Our security team evaluates each report, providing updates through the ticketing system.


  • We maintain strict confidentiality of reports and offer anonymity for those who wish to not disclose their identity.

Assessment and Remediation:

  • Each report is assessed based on its severity, with prioritized remediation strategies. Progress updates are shared with the reporter through the ticketing system.

Public Disclosure:

  • Post-remediation, a coordinated disclosure is made, balancing the need to inform users while respecting the reporter’s preferences.

Review and Update:

  • Regularly reviewed and updated to stay aligned with evolving cybersecurity landscapes.
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