Initial setup

  1. Setup your device. [Appliance][Docker]
  2. Connect to https://<filingbox-home-server-ip-address> on a web browser.
  3. Click Start on the Initial Setup screen.
  4. On the Register License Key screen, enter your license key.
  5. Update your server name.
  6. Create an Admin account.
  7. Review your initial setup.
  8. Click Move to the Admin Console Login Screen.
  9. On the Admin Console login screen, log in with the admin account created during the initial setup.
  10. On the Admin 2FA setup screen, using the QR code displayed, add the account on any typical mobile OTP authenticator applications.
  11. Enter a 6-digit OTP code generated by your authenticator application in the 6-digit OTP verification code input field.
  12. Click Set up.
  13. The admin account will be logged in.
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