Single container version

Start filingbox-home-single container

$ docker run -d --name filingbox-home \
--network host \
--device /dev/fuse \
--cap-add SYS_ADMIN \
--restart always \
-v storage:/var/opt/filingbox/home \
-v config:/etc/opt/filingbox/home \
-v logs:/var/log/filingbox/home \
-v samba-accounts:/etc \
-v samba-libraries:/var/lib/samba \
-v database:/var/lib/mysql \

How to check if your FilingBox Home is working

You can check if your FilingBox Home is working after running a container by the following command.

If you see the lines "Starting TLS Server at :443" and "Starting Server at :80", your FilingBox Home is ready to use.

$ docker logs -f filingbox-home

info fuse/fusebridge.go:265 fuse mounted, /var/opt/filingbox/home/fuse/
info restapi/restapi.go:122 Starting TLS Server at :443
info restapi/restapi.go:126 Starting Server at :80


The firewall rule must be configured to allow traffic through the port 442 and 445 from the location you intend to access it.

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