Viewing the Administrator List

By clicking on the 'Administrators' menu item on the left, the list of currently registered administrators will be displayed on the right.

The detailed information displayed for each administrator includes:

  • Name: The administrator's name as manually entered during account creation.ID: The login ID as manually entered during account creation.
  • Permissions: Information on the access limitations to various menus within the administrator web UI. An administrator can be assigned one of the following three roles:
  • Super Administrator: Has access to all menus (Devices, Administrators, Audit Log, Settings).
  • General Administrator: Has access to all menus except for Administrators and Settings.
  • Device Administrator: Cannot access the Admin Console. (Can only log in to the client program.)

    Note: Accounts with 'Super Administrator' or 'General Administrator' permissions cannot log in to the client program.
  • Managed Devices: The number of devices currently registered with this account ('0' means no devices are associated with this account).
  • Registration Date: The date the administrator account was registered (format: YYYY-MM-DD).

To search for a specific administrator on the Administrators page, enter the administrator's name into the [Name] field and click the Search button.

The validation rules for the [Name] field are as follows:

  • Input format: No restriction.
  • Input length: 0 to 20 characters
  • Default value: None.

Partial strings of the administrator's name can be entered, and the search will return all administrators that include the entered string in their names.

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