FilingBox SMB features

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Cloud Service or Appliance

  • FilingBox SMB is provided as a cloud service or appliance. You choose.

Complete Ransomware Prevention

  • FilingBox TEAM supports Create-Read-Only mode to protect your documents from ransomware.
  • Once enabled, It only allows an applications to create and read data, except modifying and deleting.
  • Similarly to how files are created on a CD-ROM, files can not be edited on FilingBox.

Phishing-Proof Storage

  • FilingBox SMB provides data with read-only for applications but can be read-write for Windows Explorer.

Data Breach Prevention

  • FilingBox SMB provides a fake file for applications if it is set as security but can be real file for Windows Explorer.

Personal & Shared Folder

  • FilingBox SMB provides a personal folder for each user and shared folders for data sharing.

Team & Project Folder

  • FilingBox SMB allows team folders according to an organizational chart and project folders when needed.

Easy Management

  • FililingBox SMB provides a web admin panel for easy management and configuration.
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